Lithas Mordekain

Lithas Mordekain[1] is a Balaani and rules over the Balaa demiplane known as Arcanum. He is a wise, old human mage responsible for the discovery of Lithium. Lithas speaks Common, Elven, High Elven, and Gnomish.


Lithas was born in Tillson, a farming community near Hearthford. He always founds the elves and their magic fascinating and had dreams of some day attending the Airalei Academy, though humans were forbidden to do so since they had no magical abilities. Befriending an elderly High Elf at a young age, his master taught him much about the mechanics of magic, simply because the boy was curious. By the time he reached 25, Lithas had cast his first spell much to the amazement of his entire community. They believed he was acting as a conduit for a demon and he was exiled from his home. Lithas began travelling, visiting various libraries in order to learn more about magic. When he was 29, he met a young female bard who took an interest in him and they began travelling together. By 31, they were married. Lithas was accepted into The Academy at 34, giving him access to the most extensive library he has ever known. He continued he research until he was 40, when he began seeking more knowledge. He discovered lithium when he was 41 and published the findings at 47, leaving out the origins. He continued he research of lithium, eventually beginning the formation of what he called the Balaani when he was 51. Balaani membership was complete by 55. Balanoth’s power was obtained when Lithas was 58.

Lithas has a daughter, though her age and fate are currently undetermined, as with his wife.


Lithas favors knowledge over anything else believing that a sharp mind is more potent than a sharp sword. He prefers to think his way out of situations rather than fight, usually providing a demonstration of power in order to avoid combat, if no other solution seems reasonably available. Lithas has no time for foolish behavior or games, feeling they are a waste of time and energy that could be used on advancing goals.


The discoverer of Mana, Lithium and the truth of Balanoth, Lithas is the founding member of the Balaani. He potentially has the most power available on the plane, but it is difficult to control. While Lithas’ ultimate goal in discovering Balanoth was ultimate knowledge of the universe, he has since abandoned this in favor of returning to his family.


When queried about his opinion of the other Balaani, this is how Lithas would reply.

Duran: “He pursuit of esoteric knowledge of the dark and erudition of ancient history makes him a favorable ally.”
Fhugen: “A dangerous axe-wielding dwarf too ignorant to realize what we are doing. Still, his tactics are masterful and well planned.”
Gaea: “Her attachment to old traditions, while useful in certain aspects, is more of a restriction.”
Seraphyn: “I appreciate her discipline though I find her methods absurd.”
Jaeger: “I admire her curiousity, but her childishness reminds me of Maryle[2]; a memory I’d rather forgo until I can feel her warm embrace.”
Joseph: “He is a great, knowledgable friend whom I trust. I am glad to have him by my side.”

[edit] References

  1. His first name was just randomly made up, then I realize it fit with Lithium. His last name is based off of Mordenkainen, a character created by Gary Gygax.
  2. His daughter.