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I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly had that spark back and was able to flesh things out very easily.  I was asked to write the Kobonashi article a long time ago, and though I knew most of the details I just couldn’t organize my thoughts and pull out enough information to put them in the wiki.  But now I did!  I drew this article up after work yesterday and today, and I think it’s pretty decent.  I also like tossing in the (more…) link lately, so all the information isn’t just on the front page.  That way you have to click to read it then I know people actually read it!  Nyah Nyah!

Kobonashi are an extremely rare, heavily draconic variation of kobolds. According to legend, kobonashi are spawned from the ancient dragon blood that runs deep within the veins of all kobolds. It is believed that long ago the elder dragons Ma’at and Rakanishu intermingled with the Shah’ren kobolds, lacing their blood with pure draconic blood. On rare occasions, this interbreeding manifests itself as a a kobonashi, the chosen of the kobolds.



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I’m working on writing an entire new page in the wiki for the article of the week.  It is going to be Kobonashi.  I intend to have it done by the end of the night tomorrow, I’m just working out a few more elements with them.  It’s an entirely new page, but they play a very important role in Dragonhawk eventually.