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I wanted to do the template I’ve been working on as my article of the week, but I figure you guys wouldn’t appreciate that.  Instead, I’ll just do Kobolds as the article of the week, again, since I think they’re awesome.

But I will show you a bit of the Template:Tooltip code, since it is so interesting!

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Kobolds are malicious, cruel, xenophobic reptilian humanoids about the size of a gnome. They hate almost every other sort of humanoid or fey, especially gnomes and sprites. Kobolds will eat anything, but prefer fresh meat and have no qualms with eating intelligent beings. Cowardly and weak in nature, they will only attack with overwhelming odds or with trickery such as traps and ambushes.

Kobolds are unintelligent and live in a communal hives where they dig holes, attempting to uncover shiny objects. A single kobold can be dispatched by even a child, though in great numbers they can prove to be a nuisance. They have no significant culture of society, though they do carve crude meaningless drawings in their cavern walls.

—excerpt from Encyclopaedia Monstrosiae

Kobolds are reptilian humanoids about the size of a gnome. With that exception, the above, inaccurate quoted text represents the accepted knowledge and general opinion of kobolds by the majority of the populous despite the rich tapestry of history, knowledge, and culture kobolds possess.

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