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Greater dragon

A Dragon is a large reptilian creature with covered in thick, bony scales with four powerful claws, two large wings, a long tail and a head. Dragons are creatures of the elements and every dragon is attuned to one or more element.

Dragons are the bridge between the elemental and physical world, acting as ambassadors between the two. The greatest dragons are responsible for shaping Saros and nearly all life on it. Greater Dragons are also known as True Dragons and all dragons have very similar traits, but they are divided into three categories based on their differences: Primal Dragons, greater dragons, and and lesser dragons. Any creature that is related to dragons, has draconic qualities such as elemental sense, or resembles characteristics of a dragon but is not truly a dragon is considered to be Dragonkin.

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In order to push myself to try update more regularly as well as write better articles in the wiki, I’m going to start posting a random article in my blog once a week. I’m not sure what day I’ll do this on, but we’ll start with today since I just came up with this idea. Hopefully, this will make me iron out the details of certain articles before I post them as well as get some feedback on what I need to do to elaborate or change to make things more interesting. Keep in mind that these are direct copy/paste from the wiki at the time of posting, so everything might not translate over perfectly. So as the first article of the week, I present to you Balanoth.

Balanoth (Bal-a-noth) is known as the Great Dragon of Mana, the Primal Dragon of Mana, a Shard of Veeshan, Veeshan’s Strength, and many others. He was brought to Saros at the end of The Conflict, attracted to the planet by the Shah’ren‘s magic. His powers include the manipulation of mana, allowing him a great deal of control over the physical and magical aspects of the world.


During the last Century of The Conflict, the Shah’ren discovered a vast amount of potentially usable power in a meteor that would be passing somewhat close to their planets path. Lusting after its power, they began using the Focus Towers they had captured to make drastic changes to Saros, tilting its axis and shifting its alignment, slowly moving it orbit closer to the path of the meteor. After about 80 years, the two celestial bodies were close enough that they would collide. The Shah’ren would be able to take the power from the meteor for themselves and finally crush the remaining Primal Dragons and their forces, but they had underestimated the object. As it began its approach towards the planet they realized that it was significantly larger than they originally estimated. Additionally, it contained much more power than they expected and were prepared to handle. Their elders began using their powers to try to keep the meteor from colliding with their planet, potentially shattering it to pieces.

When the Primal Dragons discovered this plot, they immediately abandoned their posts on the battlefields, leaving the lesser dragons to fight. Their new priority was to stop this object from destroying what they had spent so long creating. All five remaining Shards of Veeshan focused their energy on diverting the meteor, but it was too late as it was travelling too fast for them to stop. Instead, with the combined efforts of the Shah’ren, they were able to shatter the meteor before it hit the planet. This action kept the planet from being completely obliterated, but caused a great deal of wide-scale devastation. Fourty percent of the planet’s population died upon impact as the fragments of the meteor rained down from the sky, the largest one dislodging a large chunk of the planet creating the moon Moraine[1]. Over the next thirty years an additional 30% of the population died from the residual effects.

The meteor was the remanence of a dead planet that Zeroth had claimed. The planet was a place of serenity and order, which Zeroth despised. He seeded the planet with Balanoth whom rampaged throughout the land tearing it apart from the seams until it eventually shattered. Balanoth was flung into space with a chunk of the planet and drifted for thousands of years. His power slowly dwindled until he fell into a deep slumber. The Primal dragons of Saros detected his presence and tried to divert the meteor by bombarding it with their own lifeforce going so far as to assault it with their pure essence. Balanoth was able to gain power from these assaults, stripping out the mana to charge himself. When the Primal dragon’s offered their forms to stop the meteor he struck his hardest, absorbing much of their energy and causing the meteor to shatter, allowing him to break free. The Primal Dragons were greatly damaged by this, but their world would survive. Charged with the power he was able to drain from the Primal Dragons, Balanoth began a new reign of terror.


Main Article: Balarian Ankienen

The planet was already in a state of chaos with resources being exhausted on the Dragon-Shah’ren war allowing Balanoth to quickly established himself as dominance over the lesser races. He met with little initial resistance: Most of the armies were killed or shattered during his arrival and Shah’ren technology could not penetrate his magical defenses[2]. The dragons, without their primal parents, were no match for him and he was quickly able to dispatch or banish the elemental forces. Balanoth had nothing to stop his reign of terror and his grip on Saros was very tight. He immediately began reshaping the world and the creatures of it as he saw fit, twisting them and torturing them as if they were toys. Balanoth went so far as to even revive some of the creatures from Trantis, his destroyed old home world, to assist him in his reign.

Balanoth’s magic oppressed the elemental forces in the world as he absorbed their powers into himself. He found the Shah’ren to be a delightful bunch, stripping them of their elemental properties. Only the most enduring of the elements remained leaving the Shah’ren weak and frail; elven is the name they called their state. The Kobolds, whom were still elementally balanced, wrought the worst of these effects. Their form became much smaller, weak, and frail. Nearly every creature on the planet was made incapable of using magic and those who still were were obliterated; even uttering a word in the dragon’s language was punishable by annihilation for the individual and everyone within a 5 mile radius.

Curse Words

During the time of Balanoth’s rule, a curse word was any form of speech in his forbidden language, the language of the dragons, capable of invoking great and destructive magical effects. Outside of this period a curse word is considered a language of the Dark Arts, especially a single-word spell capable of calling forth great powers similar to the effects Balanoth used. These words are usually only effective when spoken by a knowledgeable individual that can recognize the subtle nuances and inflections in the language, but even small children have been known to bring down entire cities by speaking them.

Balanoth used curse words as a major way of displaying his power and cowing the civilization. During his rule, speaking the draconic language was considered a crime and uttering any word in dragon tongue would usually bring down the wrath of the Great Dragon on the entire area.

The Fall of Balanoth

Those that opposed Balanoth met with grizzly fates. The shah’ren were forced into servitude and used as Balanoths playthings. He enjoyed stripping away parts of their elements just to see the results. During this time, Balanoth changed much of the world and many of the surviving creatures in it, corrupting them with excess mana and shredding the mana from others. Many scholars believe that he may have been responsible for many of the aberrations that exist in the world, but few records were kept during this time period. It is also believed that he is responsible for the element known as Lithium, a powerful substance known to be able to absorb magical energy.

For nearly four hundred years Balanoth ruled over Saros with an iron fist, but during this time the other Primal Dragons were regaining their strength and energy. They had worked too hard to allow some monstrosity to destroy their efforts. Banding their powers together once again, the Primal Dragons confronted him and met in epic battle. The Shah’ren, who had battled against the dragons so long ago, used this as an opportunity to restore their honor and rightful place in the world by assisting the dragons against their oppressor. In the end the dragons of Saros were severely injured and drained of power, but they were successful in destroying Balanoths form. To prevent him from regenerating they captured his essence within an elemental prison which was placed deep in one of his own personal temples so that no one would dare awaken the beast. Many wards and protective devices were placed in the temple not only to keep the dragon in, but to keep others out.


Many centuries after Balaa’s imprisonment, during the Sanaegis Ankenien, several ephemerals began searching for a great ancient power that would be capable of making their dreams come true. Unknown to them, the power they sought was Balanoth’s anima which pulled at their very souls, yearning to be released. The group called themselves the Balaani. They would eventually shatter the elemental prison that held Balanoth, each member gaining a significant portion of his power and creating a plane of existence on the evanescence known as Balaa. The plane grows in power as Balanoth’s power grows, seeking to escape and continue his reign of terror.


It is said that should the power of the Balaani become tilted Balanoth may reenter the world. The delicate balance between them prevents him from reforming his physical form, but it is possible that a young member may inadvertently release a large portion of his power allowing him to come to the world again.


  • Balanoth is believed to be the son of Zeroth due to his destructive nature and powers.
  • Balanoth is sometimes thought to have been a god that the people of this era worshipped for hope.

Naming Conventions

Balanoth’s name and design are based partially off of Bahamut. Bahamut -> Bahamuth -> Balamuth -> Balanoth. When naming Dragons, a standard form is used for the type of dragon. For Mana Dragons, this form follows the following rules:

  • Usually ends with “oth” or “ath”
  • Must give the impression of strength or inspire awe

When using Rinkworks Fantasy Name Generator, use the expression: Bv<s|>(oth|ath)


  1. This is an unconfirmed fact about Moraine. It is believed to be true, but there is not much supporting evidance
  2. Balanoth’s Mana shields strips out the energy of magical attacks turning them physical, which do little to no damage to him