Extended Rest

A brief stop between journeys

Observer’s Log – August 12th, 1943

My last entry was months ago, and I regret not keeping an up to date log.  I have left the group of Korok, Dilemma, Adrik, and Ravonna, but I believe their adventure still continues.  I will briefly summarize the events that between my last log entry and my departure.

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Observer’s Log – September 4th, 1943

We’ve arrived at the old dwarven mines where the party believes the staff is hidden.  There are two gates blocking the pathway to the mines.   They seem designed not so much to keep the kobolds out, but to keep something in.  The bars are bent near the bottom corner and the wall is slightly scratched away possibly by kobolds that have been lured by the Sibiki mushrooms that are rumored to grow here, or perhaps by the potential vanadium ore.   After some effort they managed to bypass the gates into what appeared to be a quarry.  There was a small patch of Sibiki mushrooms growing in the corner which Dilemma rushed over to begin gathering.

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Observer’s Log – September 4th, 1943

I am not sure if my date is accurate.  Dilemma and his friends have been wandering through the kobold warren for a long time unsure where they need to go.  They seem to be focusing on finding the runes to prevent the destruction of the cavern complex and locating the previously abandoned dwarven mines.  They are also very interested in gathering Sibiki mushrooms which are used as a form of currency among the kobolds.  After a few hours of wandering around and setting off various traps they stumbled upon what turned out to be a kobold raiding party preparing to break through a wall and attack a goblin encampment that lay on the other side.  After some discussion and promise of payment they agreed to assist.

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Observer’s Log – September 3rd, 1943

On a personal note, I feel I may be getting too close to the group.  I believe Dilemma may have noticed me.  I will have to be more careful.

After defeating Xinnik the group was worn and beaten.  They decided to make their way back to town to rest but didn’t get far before they were attacked by two of the Kobonashi as well as several other kobolds.  I believe the Kobonashi used Xinnik as nothing more than a decoy in order to get the heroes to burn through their resources so they would be weakened when the kobolds attacked.  The battle went very poorly for Dilemma and his group as the Kobonashi quickly overwhelmed them, devastating them with their lightning breath attacks while the kobolds moved in and separated the group.  The one scarred Kobonashi, who lost an eye to the previous group in their first encounter and whom I have come to know as Rakan, grabbed Dilemma in its mighty jaws and clamped down with its teeth while one of the others snatched the staff from him.  The heroes fought valiantly but it seems the odds were stacked against them from the beginning.  I was sure at this point that they would indeed perish.  The kobolds seem more interested in the staff and once it was in their possession they and the kobonashi fled.  I cannot fathom was sinister plans these creatures have.

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My group was unable to meet for our Friday session and as such there is no new information to report.  The next update will be Sunday, August 8th.

Observers Log –  September 2nd, 1943

The group arrived at Coppernight Hold earlier today in search of the Staff of Eyes.  They were told it was buried deep under the temple with many guards and traps imposing the path.  The staff had been forgotten by many but remembered by a few, and certain individuals did not want those few to locate it.  It was within a dangerous reach at this point and the heroes were to obtain it to prevent others from getting their hands on it.

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Observer’s log – September 1st, 1943

The past week has been mostly restful for the group I have been following.  After they prevented the incursion of the nightmare monstrosities the city has been returning mostly to normal.  The sleep of the townsfolk has greatly improved and life is returning to normal.  Though few know what caused the nightmares to manifest, many know of the heroes who battled in the dream world and ended the torment.  Adrik, Ravonna, and Dilemma have earned themselves a name in this city and will likely draw the attention of those with power.

It was only a few days that past before the party received a missive stamped with the royal seal.  Apprehensive about the letter, the group decided it would be rude and likely unwise to reject the request of the royal family to attend dinner on Friday the 30th.  It was not long after, however, that they began receiving other invitations to other events.  Redra and her friends would be holding a party on that night in order to celebrate the victory and safety of Westpoint.  Verrin Corelas, a Scarlet Emissary of the Shattered Star, heard of the groups success as well and invited them to a dinner and meeting to discuss their recent successes.  They were already committed, however, and forced to decline both offers.

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Observer’s log – August 23rd, 1943

I’ve been observing the events of Thromgarde City closely over the past several weeks and things just seem to be getting more complicated. My most interesting specimens currently are a small group of adventurers, three to be precise, that have recently made a name for themselves. There is Ravonna of the Stormcry clan, a razorclaw shifter druid. She has proven herself to be capable in combat, but seems vulnerable. She is aided and protected by Dilemma, a razorclaw shifter monk. Dilemma proves his excellent in physical combat and, though most monks pursue offensive capabilities, Dilemma has grown strong in defense. From the beginning I felt that he would drift towards this path as he seems to enjoy the identity of protector. I am sure that is why he was assigned to Ravonna. Recently the group lost their half-elf member named Valna, an ardent. She has been replaced by Adrik the dwarf cleric of Moradin. He has shown his capability in not only aiding his allies and protecting his allies, but also his military discipline and physical prowess.

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SWEET GODS.  I almost got eaten by a friggin’ DRAGON!  The cold room lead to a big cave and when we went down to explore it a huge white dragon attacked us!  I tried to talk to it and calm it down, but it just ignored me.  I wish it kept ignoring me because it chased me all around the cave trying to eat me!  Just because I said it was no better than a kobold.  Yuriel kept me safe, though, and after a very long fight we beat it.  It had a pile of junk that Lokara said it kept as a bed.  We decided to take it since it wasn’t going to be sleeping there anymore.  When we get back to town we’ll figure out what to do with it.  Lokara also cut off one of its claws and says she wants to take it back to town with her.  I don’t get it.

Well, we got back to town and it turns out that that lord warden guy, Faren Markelhay,, was not actually Faren Markelhay.  Well he was, but he wasn’t.  He was just pretending to be him.  We found the fear guy locked up in a secret room under the main chamber.  The faker guy mentioned someone named Avarin Lightbane, but know one knows who he is.  All we know so far is

(several pages are torn out of the journal at this point.)

May 1, 1132: Hello, my name is Linameri Seraphyn and I am a paladin of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon of justice, nobility, and honor.  I’ve been summoned from Winterhaven to Fallcrest to assist in one of his temples, but I was not told why.    It is a long journey but I should be able to handle it on my own.  I am to report to Grundlemar Stonefist, but I do not yet know what my assignment will be.  I’ll be leaving in the morning.

May 4, 1132: Today I finally arrived in Fallcrest.  The journey was much more uneventful than I expected.  Fallcrest, however, is quite a large and amazing city.  It is divded by a huge fissure that runes east to west.  From what I’ve heard, if you want to sail down the river you have to own two boats to get past the falls.  That’s apparently why it’s called Fallcrest, too.

There is a goliath at the toll both that I believe is taking bribes.  I’ll have to look into that, later.

I met Grundlemar today.  He seems… kind of off for a dwarf.  His hair, and even his beard, are completely unkempt even by dwarven standards.  He seems almost fanatical in his devotion to Bahamut, though I believe he is well-meaning.  The room I was assigned is extremely tiny and bare.  I might just rent an inn room if I have enough money.  Other than that the city is nice.  I’ve been to the blacksmith shop and met Teldorthan Ironhews, the keeper.  he said he could make me some interesting things if I brought him the materials.    The blacksmith is directly connected to the tailoring shop and run by an Eladrin woman named Meriele Aelyn.  She had some very beautiful dresses and robes which I may purchase later, but I have little gold right now.  I did take an account of what they had that could be made for future reference.  I am running a bit late and need to meet the Lord Warden of the city.

Foren Markelhay

The guards here seem really powerful.  I got checked three times on the way up to the Warden’s manor.  The dwarves seem like they are the elite guards from Hammerfall (or is it Hammertime? I can never remember).  They don’t seem to really care about the other non-dwarven guards in the manor.  Honestly, I feel like I am an inconvenience for being here, but I was ordered here.

Well, I was asked to wait in this room in the manor and have been sitting here for about an hour.  I don’t know what could be taking so long.  A short while ago they brought this shackled tiefling in here to wait with me.  I don’t know what she did, but she doesn’t seem like a terrible person.  I tried to talk to her, but they wouldn’t let me.

Another has come in.  Looks to be an Eladrin, maybe a wizard?  She has a weapon, though, so maybe a warrior or a paladin as well.  Actually, I think she’s a half elf.  I guess I’ll find out later.  I just got called in.