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Busy busy week! I’ve been working hard over the weekend trying to get tooltips imported over from wowwiki. I think these will really help get Librium organized, since I’ll be able to have mobile, easy stat boxes for weapons, equipment, spells, abilities, and maybe even monsters. I definitely need a nice template for them.

The update schedule for the Main Page is: Tuesday: Article of the Week; Thursday: Did you know…; Saturday: Recent News. Microblog is updated on a whim, and likely updated Tuesday with the AotW.

This week will be a Librium week. Expect the updates on the main page to reflect work done on the game as I organize and fill in information. I intend to make a main page for Librium as well, or at least get it decently linked on this page. I’m considering splitting the main page into left/right and going from there. We’ll see what works!

From the Saros Main Page:

Welcome to the new main page for the Saros wiki! It’s been bothering me that my main page merely redirected to the Table of Contents for so long and that I don’t even use that page. I wanted something that would be visually appealing and could serve as a resource of information. So, I copied the format of the Wikipedia Main Page, changed some things and here is what you have!

What is the Saros Wiki? It is my personal world and universe that has been designed, revised, and edited since my very first tabletop roleplaying game 10 years ago. It serves as a repository of information for the world I have created, as well as the stories written in that world, such as Dragonhawk, Enveloping Shadows, and Turning the Gears. It also serves as the design and launch center of my own roleplaying game design: Librium. Enjoy!

Michael McElrath 14:16, 25 October 2009 (UTC)