Character Dossier: Nacea Trinius

Character Dossier: Nacea Trinius - A Turian Cabal Specialist that has proven her expertise in both technology and biotics.

Character Creation Step-by-Step

A player asked me to provide a guide for filling out the character sheet so I shall create a new character from scratch and go through the process.

Online Playtesting courtesy of /u/xzenocrimzie

Online Playtesting courtesy of /u/xzenocrimzie

Just a heads up, reddit user /u/xzenocrimzie is setting up an online playtest using  roll20.  If you’re interested in joining,...

Enemy Profile: Blue Sun Mercenaries

The Blue Suns are a “private security organization,” in reality a mercenary outfit, operating in the Skyllian Verge. The Blue...

Character Creation

Before sending you out into the world, we will take a moment to learn about your attributes, abilities, and history....

The Three Heads of Cerberus

With the death of the Illusive Man, the terrorist organization known as Cerberus is left without a leader. Even still, it was already hemorrhaging members and resulted to indoctrinating its members to ensure complete control and loyalty. With the disarray caused of the Illusive Man's death, Cerberus has split into several factions each with unique goals.

Open Playtesting

Want to join in? Find out how.

Character Dossier: Lysandra D’Vreya

Lysandra D'Vreya is an asari scientist currently working for Sirta Foundation as one of their lead botanists. As an ex-commando, she presents with excellent biotic prowess.

Species Spotlight: Asari

Considered one of the most influential and well-respected species in the galaxy, the asari are known for their elegance, diplomacy, and biotic aptitude.

Damage and Protection Types

Certain damage types deal additional damage in certain circumstances. This is a current list of all the damage types and the bonuses they receive.

Species Spotlight: Geth

Once an isolated race of networked intelligence, the geth have become something more with the addition of reaper code fragments. Now they strive to find acceptance in a galaxy that may be unwilling to take the steps to accept an artificially created intelligence.

Combat Basics, Part 2

Last week we focused on basic attacking and defending. This week we will look at a breakdown of actions in combat. Be aware, this is going to get pretty detailed to ensure as much as possible is covered.

Reaper War Aftermath

Find out what happened to the mass relays, council and the remainder of the reaper forces at the end of the war.

Combat Basics

Combat in Mass Effect: Blueshift is tactically oriented and encourages the players and enemies to use strategy, take advantage of their terrain, exploit enemy weaknesses, and work together as a team.

Species Spotlight: Human

Of all of the sapient species in the galaxy, humans are the most adaptable and diverse in terms of appearance, culture, and society. One of the newest species to enter the galactic stage they are fierce and stern with an attitude focused on proving themselves strong enough to stand with or against the older species.

Skill List

List of the skills for Blueshift

Basic Rules

A "brief" overview of the basic rules for Mass Effect: Blueshift

What is Mass Effect: Blueshift?

Taking place 30 years after the events in Mass Effect 3, Blueshift is a modular tabletop roleplaying game, that allows the player complete freedom of choice.